Photos Name of the Faculty Academic/Professional Qualification (Graduation onwards) Date of Joining Experience (As on May 2017) Designation
Dr. K.B. Asthana Dr. K.B. Asthana B.A., LLB, MBA, LLM, Doeacc 'O' Level, Ph.D. 01/06/2016 29 Years Director
Mr.Gopal Thakur Dr. Gopal Thakur B.A. (H), M.Sc., MBA, PGD, Ph.D. 01/01/2011 17 Years Associate Professor
Ms. Upasna Khurana Ms. Upasna Khurana BJMC, M.Sc. - MCAJ, M.Phil., Ph.D. (Pursuing) 25/07/2011 8 Years Assistant Professor
Dr. Kiran Walia Dr. Kiran Walia B.Sc., MJMC, Ph.D. 17/07/2017 16 Years Associate Professor
Mr. Amlesh Rajoo Mr. Amlesh Rajoo B.A., M.A.(J&MC), PGD(J&MC), Ph.D.(Pursuing) 02/01/2017 20 Years Associate Professor(V)
Ms. Tanuja Sharma Ms. Tanuja Sharma BJ(MC), MMC 25/07/2014 3 Years Assistant Professor
Mr. Surender Pal Singh Mr. Surender Pal Singh BJ(MC), M.A(J&MC) 17/07/2017 10 Years Assistant Professor
Mr. Devashish Prasad Tandon Mr. Devashish Prasad Tandon BJMC, MBA(J&MC), MJ(MC), PGD in Radio & Mass Communication 17/07/2017 1 Year Assistant Professor
Mr. Yash Vats Mr. Yash Vats BJMC, MJMC 02/09/2016 1 Year Assistant Professor
Ms. Priyanka Sharma Ms. Priyanka Sharma BJ(MC), M.A.(Mass Comm), Diploma in Graphic Designing 02/01/2017 2.5 Years Assistant Professor
Ms. Dimple Arora Ms. Dimple Arora BJ(MC), MMC, PG in Public Relations 17/07/2017 2 Years 6 Months Assistant Professor
Ms. Aastha Raheja Ms. Aastha Raheja BJMC, MMc, Certificate Course of Graphic Designing 01/08/2016 1 Year Assistant Professor
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