Photos Name of the Faculty Academic/Professional Qualification (Graduation onwards) Date of Joining Experience (As on May 17) Designation
Dr. K.B. Asthana Dr. K.B. Asthana B.A., LLB, MBA, LLM, Doeacc 'O' Level, Ph.D. 01/06/2016 29 Years Director
Dr. Vikrant Aggarwal Dr. Vikrant Aggarwal B.A. (H), MBA, M.Phil., Ph.D. 16/08/2010 8 Years Associate Professor
Ms. Monica Chillar Ms. Monica Chillar B.Com., M.Com., MBA, B.Ed. 01/08/2015 4 Years 8 months Assistant Professor
Mr. Ajay Sharma Mr. Ajay Sharma B.Com., M.Phil., MCA, PGDCA, O’ Level, Ph. D (Pursuing) 01/08/2006 13 Years Assistant Professor
Ms. Vandana Gupta Ms. Vandana Gupta "B.Com. M.Com. M.Phil., UGC-NET (Management), Ph.D (Pursuing)" 01/08/2008 7 Years Assistant Professor
Mr. Pramod Kr. Rawat Dr. Pramod Kr. Rawat B.Com, M.Com, MBA, Ph.D. 26/07/2010 9 Years Associate Professor
Ms. Deepa Gupta Ms. Deepa Gupta B.Sc.(Phy.), MCA, B.Ed. 12/08/2013 4 Years Assistant Professor
Ms. Parul Gaba Ms. Parul Gaba B.Com., M.Com., M.Phil., PGDBA(Finance) 01/09/2014 3 Years Assistant Professor
Dr. Pooja Gupta Dr. Pooja Gupta B.Com., M.Com., Ph.D., UGC(NET & JRF) - Commerce 21/07/2015 3 Years Assistant Professor
Ms. Parul Sharma Ms. Parul Sharma B.Com., M.Com., PGDBA, B.Ed., HTET, UGC- NET (Commerce) 21/07/2015 6 Years 6 Months Assistant Professor
Ms. Kirti Miglani Ms. Kirti Miglani BBA, MBA, Ph.D. (Pursuing) 18/07/2016 5 Years Assistant Professor
Ms. Akansha Singh Ms. Akansha Singh BBA, MBA 18/07/2016 3 Years Assistant Professor
Ms. Himani Wadhwa Ms. Himani Wadhwa BBA, MBA 18/07/2016 3 Years Assistant Professor
Mr. Kuldeep Mr. Kuldeep B.Sc.-(Mathematics), M.Sc.(Mathematics), B.Ed., HTET,CTET, Basic Programming Application 09/01/2017 1 Year Assistant Professor
Dr. Kirti Agarwal Dr. Kirti Agarwal B.Com., M.Com., MBA, PGDFM, Ph.D. 02/01/2017 12 Years Professor(V)
Ms. Dipti Singh Ms. Dipti Singh B.A.(Eco.), M.A.(Eco.), B.Ed., PGDCA 02/01/2017 1 Year Assistant Professor
Ms. Suman Ms. Suman B.A., M.A. (Eco.), B.Ed., M.Ed.,M.Phil.(Edu.), UGC-NET (Edu.) 19/08/2013 9 Years Assistant Professor
Ms.  Seema Sharma Ms. Seema Sharma B.Com., M.Com., MCA, B.Ed. M.Ed., STET, UGC-NET (Education), PGDSE, Ph.D. (Pursuing) 01/08/2012 6 Years Assistant Professor
Ms. Geeta Ms. Geeta B.A. , MBA(HR) 01/08/2016 1 Year Assistant Professor
Mr. Sunny Mr. Sunny MBA 02/01/2017 1 Year Assistant Professor
Ms. Sonal Arora Ms. Sonal Arora B.Com., M.Com., MBA 01/08/2016 6 Years Assistant Professor
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