Late Shri Ram Chander Aggarwal
Late Shri. Ram Chander Aggarwal
Late Shri Ram Chander Aggarwal and Smt. Kasturi Devi of Narela, Delhi-40. Cherished the dream of establishing a modern educational institute for the youth of this semi urban area with the motto of Upliftment of the down trodden. Keeping in mind the ups and downs of life and the unexpected changes happening in Their minds late Sh. Ram Chander Aggarwal ji entrusted this job to his sons Shri Mahender Kumar Aggarwal and Shri Ravinder Aggarwal ji to fulfill his mission before leaving for his heavenly abode. Fulfilling the pledge of their parents with a desire to contribute towards the betterment of society, Shri Mahender Kumar Aggarwal & Shri Ravinder Kumar Aggarwal established Kasturi Ram College of Higher Education in this education deficient and under-privileged area of Delhi.And thus the journey began.
Smt. Kasturi Devi

Smt. Kasturi Devi
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