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The Rotaract Club of Kasturi Ram College of Higher Education had organized a Thalassemia camp on 30thAugust, 2016. The main aim for organizing this camp was to make students as well as faculty aware of this disease which is increasing at rapid rate. Sh. Rajesh Aggarwal, Executive Chairperson and Director Dr.K.B. Asthana were present there to motivate the students. Nominal charges were charged for testing the blood sample. Both students and faculty came forward for the test with great enthusiasm. Nearly 32 samples were collected for test. Juice and biscuits were given to all the blood donors. The event had a huge success and everyone appreciated the efforts put by the students of Rotaract Club for this event. 


On 13th September, 2016, the Rotaract Club of Kasturi Ram College of Higher Education had organized a visit to the play school owned by “NavKiran Social Development and Cultural Society” which is located in Narela. The purpose of the visit is to see young toddlers happy and to develop favorable attitude towards them. Nearly 10 students of the college and faculty visited the play school. On arrival, little tiny tots looked so ecstatic and were in a high glee. 

They presented many cultural programmes like singing, dancing etc. In the last students of KRCHE college distributed gifts to the little children and served them food. .They also thanked the society for giving the opportunity to the club to be a part of it. It was a great initiative taken by the college students to promote humanity. 


The Rotaract club of Kasturi Ram College of Higher Education had organized Blood Donation Camp on 3rd Oct, 2016.Immense enthusiasm and energy was seen among students from all departments for donating blood willingly. All the volunteers and faculty motivated student’s for this noble cause. After an initial blood test, students with adequate haemoglobin content were allowed to donate blood. With the collective efforts of students and faculty 53 units of blood was collected. After blood donation, the donors were given refreshment. The event was a huge success which reflects KRCHE efforts towards this noble cause.


A blood donation camp was organised by the Rotaract club of KRCHE in collaboration with Rotary International Blood Bank at Great India Palace mall, Noida on 18th Dec, 2016. The objective of this camp was to take a step forward in showing the care and concern towards society, the motive was fulfilled when people for this noble cause came in large number for registration. KRCHE students fulfilled their duties well by informing people about the camp, doing registration and escorting the potential donors to the blood donation van. People came with huge smile on their faces for this selfless service and 51 units of blood were collected. The samples were carefully sealed and transported to the blood bank. All the people present over there appreciated the efforts of the students. It was a great effort of KRCHE towards the service of mankind. The event was a huge success and acclaimed appreciation.

Demonetization, Lets’ Digitalize

The Rotaract club of Kasturi Ram College Of Higher Education had organized an awareness program on “Demonetization, Lets’ Digitalize” in Narela on 16th Dec, 2016.The main purpose of this event was to make people aware about cashless shopping and also how it can be done with safety and security. The students of KRCHE were accompanied by Dr. Rajendra, The Director of Navkiran Society who gave his wholehearted support for creating awareness among the general mass.The members of the club also informed people regarding cyber frauds, cyber security, how they can keep a strong password for their accounts and in case if they face any problem then to whom they can report. They also informed how to approach the customer care and what are the rights of being a consumer. All the people passing by gathered and listened with interest on this current issue. The event ended with the positive response of the people.


Disability need not be an obstacle to success. I have had motor neurone disease for practically all of my adult life. Yet it has not prevented me from having a prominent career in astrophysics and a happy family life.

                                                                   -PROFESSOR STEPHEN WILLIAM HAWKING

 The Rotaract club of KRCHE participated in Vision Divyang atTalkatora Stadium on 14th October , 2016. Divyang is an initiative taken by clubs under ROTARACT DISTRICT 3012 to bring  change in the society towards the outlook for differently abled children. The event started with much enthusiasm in which several bureaucrats, MPs, Actor Boman Irani, Teachers, Policy makers, Social workerswere present. Over 2,500 differently-abled children performed in the cultural programme to sensitise the community for forming an inclusive society. KRCHE students were assigned duties to look after the proper supply of food and water in the whole event. More than 2000 people attended the event. In the end leadership certificates were given to students to appreciate their efforts. This was a great attempt of the club to bring positive change in the society towards differently-abled people.

 Polio Awareness Campaign


On 24th October 2016, Rotaract District Organization 3012 & 3011 along with the National Polio Plus Committee and partners WHO (WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION), UNICEF and GOI, organized a Polio Awareness Program on the occasion of World Polio Dayat Hindu College. The aim of the campaign was to give a strong message of making India a polio free country.  With 6000 school children present took an initiative for spreading awareness about polio eradication. KRCHE students were assigned duties to look after the refreshments and arrangements in the whole event. More than 6000 Integrators and Rotaractors gathered to form a flag and vow to keep India Polio Free. The campaign was a huge success and was appreciated by all.

Environment Awareness Programme


Jan-Jagriti (Socio-eco club) has organised environment cleanliness programme on 15th March 2017 in the college campus. 15th March was named as Green Wednesday.  Environment awareness speech by students, Poster making, Slogan making competition on environment cleanliness, Poetry etc were organised in the college. All the Students from BBA, B.Ed. and BA (JMC) participated in the Programme. Best Clean Class prize, Best Poster Making and Best Slogan Making Certificates are distributed to students. In Poster making competition Aparna (B.Ed) stood at first position, Priya ( II) stood at second position. In slogan making competition Driga BA(JMC)  stood at first position, Rani (B.Ed) stood at second position. The Best clean class prize goes to B.Ed students, Room No.108. An Oath was administered by Hon’ble Director to all staff and students of college to remain committed towards Environment cleanliness. Vote of thanks was given by Dr. Sonia Anand.

Tree Plantation                     


Jan Jagriti(Socio-Eco Club) has organized on 21st March,2017, “Tree Plantation” in college premises. Tree Plantation was done by Shri Rajesh Kumar Aggarwal (chairman-KRCHE), Dr. K.B. Asthana(Director-KRCHE), Prof. R.P.Tulsian(Professor in Bhagat Singh College, C.A. Ashwani Kumar Bhalla (President of Rotaract club) and HOD’s of all Departments in KRCHE ground Narela, Delhi. The importance of trees in purifying the air, as natural resources, maintaining the ecological balance, preventing soil erosion as medicines, habitats for  species, providing nutrients to the soil etc . Prior to each plantation activity, all staff have learnt the significance of trees, how to plant them and taking their after care . At the end of activity, Director encourage all staff members to take these activities in future also. The plantation by KRCHE  is working towards a cleaner, greener campus.