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Annual Sports Meet



Annual Sports Meet


It is hereby notified to all the students & faculty of BBA, B.A. (Eco) (H), B.Com (H) & BA (JMC) that annual sports meet of the college will be held on 1st March, 2019.


Following Games will be held during the sports meet:


1.      Carom                                               

2.      Chess                                     

3.      Race   - 100 M - 3 Leg           

4.      Skipping Race – 100 M

5.      Spoon Lemon Race  - 100 M                                                                              

6.      Table Tennis – Only for Boys

7.      Ball in Box – Only for Boys         

8.      Musical Chair – Only for Girls      

9.      Badminton  - Single                                    

10. Volleyball – Team of 8 PlayersOnly for Boys                     

11. Tug of War – Team of 15 Players                                                          

12. Arm Wrestling                           

13. Shot-put Throw – Only for Boys                                                                                                                               



Interested students can give their names latest by 25th February 2019 to their Class Coordinators.


All the class coordinators should submit the list of the participants to the sports coordinator latest by

27th February 2019.


Note: Badminton Participants will have to carry their own racket.





Prof., (Dr.) O. P. Yadav