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The college Grievance Redressal Committee has been constituted with faculty members and students under the Chairmanship of the Director to look into the grievances and for resolving the issues relating to arbitrary action, personal vendetta or personal grudges against students by any teacher/ authority of the Institute. The College/Institution Level Grievance Redressal Committee adheres to the principles of natural justice in its proceedings and eliminate all grievances within four weeks of the receipt of any complaint. The Colleges /Institution holds meeting of Grievance Redressal Committee at least once every three months. However, if necessary, it may meet more frequently at the instance of the Convener or at the request of the other members to discuss the various issues received. All the grievances, communications at the institute level should be addressed in writing to Dr. Upasana Khurana, Convener of the Committee, KRCHE.
The members of the committee are as under: 

Name                                              : Designation

Prof. Dr. G.P. Singh(Director)       : Chairperson

Dr. Abhilasha Gautam                   : Coordinator

Dr. Upasana Khurana                    : Convener

Ms. Geeta                                      : Member

Dr. Ajay Sharma                           : Member

Ms. Seema Sharma                       : Member

Mr. Chaitanya Hari Gaur              : Student Member

Mr. Tanish Kumar                         : Student Member

Mr. Anandhu                                 : Student Member

Ms. Sakshi Sharma                       : Student Member