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Soft Skills- A word which appears to be very simple but has a huge impact on one’s success or failure The companies now a days expect their employees to combine business skills, analytical thinking and the ability to exhibit expertise in this dynamic technological era. To meet these important requirements Department of Management of Kasturi Ram College of Higher Education organized one day seminar on the topic “Role of Soft Skills Enhancement for Better Employability” on 7thSeptember, 2016. The lecture was delivered by Mrs.Rakhi Gupta from IBS Gurgaon .She explained the importance of soft skills. She showed some motivational movies also. She played some games to teach the students soft skills in a practical manner; itwas fruitful learning for students.


How to do well in Group Discussion & Personal Interview


Freshers generally make the mistakes in interviews as they are not being fully prepared for it. It is very much necessary to make them aware about the interviewing skills, preparation and practice to enhance the quality of those skills, considering the need and importance of such preparation College had organized one day seminar on “How to do well in Group Discussion & Personal Interview” by the officials of T.I.M.E. Education Pvt. Ltd. The above seminar was for BBA First Year & BBA Third Year Students.  The resource person was Mr. Anil Singh Bhadoria, Senior Regional Head in Time Education Pvt. Ltd. The session started with the discussion and assessing the views of students about “Reservation” they wanted to know that what exactly students think about reservation. Later they moved towards G.D, he explained key points of G.D. like- How to start G.D.? What should be mentioned in G.D.? Which type of words should be used in G.D.?, and focused on the role of Moderator. How moderator observe you during the G.D. session. He emphasized during the G.D. session you should keep a balanced approach. Moderator check you on the following components-

1)      Communication

2)      Short sentence

3)      Knowledge

4)      Language

In second session he focused on Personal Interview, they said that students should have goal clarity and students should know their strengths and weaknesses. The core objective of the seminar was personality development of the students. The session was very informative.


HR and Pre-Placement Talk By Safe Express

Kasturi Ram College of Higher Education has organized the talk time on “Career Opportunities In Logistics” on 1st February, 2017 at seminar hall. The speakers were Mr. Prakash Baurai (Head of Corporate Relations), Mr. Amit Soni (Lead Training), Mr. Sudhir Yadav (Executive Business Development) who came from Safe Express Ltd. The speaker explained the students about the career opportunities in logistic and supply chain field.

They had also shared the video in which they showed the clients of Safe Express and the process of channel distribution. They also demonstrated various case studies on logistics and supply chain management.

Workshop on “How to build a strong Resume”

Kasturi Ram College of Higher Education organized a workshop for the students of B.B.A, BJMC, B.COM. on the topic How to build a strong resume on the dated February 23, 2017. The student was addressed by Dr.Vikrant Agarwal (Placement and Internship Cell – Convener ) by delivering the Key areas and focused points related to building a Resume and presented in the up to date manner.

He also focused on the general mistakes that usually candidates do when they build or jot-down their resume. The Students workshop was supported by the handouts which shows the modern style of resume building and some Does and Don’ts related to the resume building. The students also exercised the live building of the resume at the workshop.

The workshop was concluded by Ms. Akanksha (Assistant Professor –Management Department ) with vote of thanks and she also quoted that building a good resume is a first nurture step for success.

Resume Writing Workshop

“Resume is important because with only a few words you can show an employer the depth of one’s potential.”

Resume is the reflection of one’s personality in the absence of the individual and so it is important that it should be written effectively and  carefully to explain each and every aspect of one’s educational & professional qualification, scholarly  & non-scholarly achievements, experience and personal details. Keeping this in mind the Placement Cell of Kasturi Ram College of Higher Education had organized one day workshop on ‘Resume Writing’ for B. Ed. students on 6th March, 2017 to orient the students about the effective way of writing the resume. The session was led by Ms. Seema Sharma, Assistant Professor KRCHE. The session started with the difference between Bio-Data, Resume and Curriculum Vitae and later the format of resume in which sequence, font, font size, margins and use of tables were discussed in detail. The resource person had also focused on the common mistakes committed by the individuals. The session was interactive and knowledgeable.