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Diwali Carnival

KRCHE/Admin/19-20/ 005/Circular No. 064                                             October 9, 2019




All the students of BBA, B.Com (H), BA (JMC), B.Ed & BA (ECO) are hereby informed that college is going to organize a Diwali Carnival on 23rd October, 2019 at college campus. The competition will be held in various categories mentioned below. For further information contact CCA Coordinator.

1.   Flameless Cooking

2.   Diya Decoration

3.   Rangoli

4.   Best out of Waste

5.   Poster Making

Note. Food Stalls, Game Stalls, Mehndi and Eco-friendly products are invited for marketing, fun and entertainment.



Dr. G.P. Singh


Copy to:

Dr. Abhilasha Gautam (Principal, B.Ed)